Illustrated Talks By Caroline

Caroline gives informative and entertaining illustrated talks to groups such as gardening clubs, WIs and Townswomen’s Guilds, Probus and U3A groups. 

From Cadfael to Caroline: Herbal Medicine, Past and Present

Cadfael the medieval monk had many herbs in his dispensary. How much has changed in a thousand years? Is Caroline still using the same herbs? Some history, some botany, and a lot of groans as we think about the practice of medicine in the eleventh century. 

Hedgerow Pharmacy – forage your own drugs

How to identify, gather and preserve common wild plants, and use them safely in herbal remedies at home. This talk comes with the option of 
hands-on workshops where we make remedies together.
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Flowers In Healing

The use of flowers, past and present, in healing body and mind. Why do we take flowers to funerals? What is it about flowers that makes every culture picture them in paradise? 

Medicinal Herbs In Your Garden

Find out which common garden plants are used in herbal medicine: how to grow and use them yourself. And find out some of the traditional uses of favourite garden flowers which may surprise you.

A short history of Medicine: 60,000 years of Herbalism

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